Entebbe Sailing Club

hire of sailing boats rules

  1. Boat hire charges should be paid at the bar.
  2. Do not hire a boat if you are not a competent and / or under the influence of alcohol. E.S.C. Committee reserve the right to refuse to hire to any member or non member as they see fit.
  3. On payment of the appropriate hire  charge you must complete a Boat Hire form and sign the disclaimer.
  4. Rigging and equipment for each boat is locked in the store and will be given to you by the staff.
  5. The Hirer is responsible for the boat rigging and equipment from this time and must pay for any damages or loss during the hire period for whatever reason.
  6. The Head Boatman and his assistants will will help members take the boat hull, mast and boom from the boat racks. They will assist with rigging / de-rigging the boat for the appropriate fee, paid directly to the Head Boatman.
  7. A limited  range and size of life jackets are available at no charge. As it is not possible to cater for all shapes and sizes of Life Jackets, it is the responsibility of the hirer to provide a suitable Life Jacket during the hire period.
  8. A suitable Life Jacket must be worn at all times during the hire period.
  9. Before setting sail you should check with the Head Boatman on the readiness of the life boat.
  10. Lasers are designed to be sailed safely by one person only. Two people on a laser can make sailing difficult and dangerous and is not permitted.
  11. On completion of sailing, please de-rig the boat and return the rigging and equipment to the staff who completed the Hire Form. Report any shortages or breakages. Also return the Life Jacket if borrowed.
  12. Boat hirers are responsible for their safety on the lake at all times.
  13. Do not take boats out of sight of the club house.
  14. The bay has dangerous areas If you are unfamiliar with the bay then please ask the Head Boatman to point out any hazards before setting off.