Entebbe Sailing Club

Private Functions

Terms of Use

Members are allowed to arrange a private function as follows:

  • Agreed upon use of Club facilities (as per Committee agreement)
  • Limited access by non-member guests without payment of guest fees (as per Committee agreement)
  • Permission to use audio equipment for PA or to play music 
  • Permission to use outside catering on site
  • All drinks will be availed at the Club Bar once you present your list of what you would like to be served.
  • Permission to use party items such as a bouncy castle

Booking a Private Function

  • No private functions are allowed on Sundays

  • All private functions must be agreed by the Commodore or Vice-commodore

  • Friday and Saturday functions must be booked at least two weeks ahead

  • Weekday functions must be booked at least three days ahead

  • Start and finish times must be agreed at the time of booking

  • Approximate number of guests should be stated 
  • The full fee must be paid once event is approved by Committee.
  • Staff required outside their normal working hours must be arranged in advance with the Club Manager
  • Bar staff and boat boys are paid 10,000 Ug Sh per person per hour or part hour, to be arranged with Club Manager
  • Bar staff working after 7pm are paid an additional 30,000 UgSh for transport, to  be arranged with Club Manager

Running a Private Function

  • The person booking the function is responsible for the good conduct of the function\, for the health and safety of the guests and to prevent damage to Club property (as described in the Bylaws)
  • Non-member guests must be registered on entry to the Club
  • Members not invited to the party must be allowed normal access to Club facilities
  • Audio equipment must be used at a moderate volume
  • Water activities must conform to Club safety regulations eg use of life jackets, etc
  • If the event runs beyond the agreed finish time staff costs must be paid as above

NB. The club  does not  cover for any liability  or damages or accidents during the party/ function.
The Ministry of Health Covid 19 guidelines must strictly be observed for the  health safety of members.

Fees in Uganda Shillings

Non MembersSaturday800,000

Please do note:

  • By completing of this booking request form and / or making corresponding deposit payments,  does not qualify this request as a confirmed booking.
  • Additional information surrounding your event may be required by the Club Committee for the complete review and approval of your event booking request. 
  • Approval (or regret) of your event request, as signed off by one of the aforementioned will be given to you in writing together with copy of confirmation signoff by the committee confirming your booking.

Boat Usage

Price in Uganda shillings  
BoatMemberNon Member
Optimist15,000 40,000
Laser25,000 40,000
Albacore40,000 80,000
Hobbiecat40,000 80,000
Rigging fee3,000 3,000

Please read the terms and conditions of boat usage in the Entebbe Sailing Club Bylaws


 The club has two self-catering Bandas which may be used by members for 60 US dollars per day. For non members, the per-Banda rate is 70 US dollars and they must be introduced by a member in good standing. The non-member must pay a 70,000 UGX fee for temporary membership (Valid for one month).

Also, there is plenty of space for camping. For members there is no fee charged. For reciprocating members there is a charge of 25,000 Uganda shillings per tent. For non members introduced by a ESC member in good standing, the fee is 35,000 shillings per tent and the visitor must pay the standard visitor's fee and abide by the same rules.

Use of the Bandas

  1. Bandas may be use by members for a maximum of one week, renewable subject to availability.
    Please give at least 3 days notice!
  2. Non members wishing to use a Banda must be introduced by a member of the Club in good standing and apply for Temporary Membership.
  3. At least one weeks’ notice should be given and application should be made on the appropriate form available from the bar and entered into the bookings diary.
  4. Application for use of the Bandas will be through the commodore or other committee member and at his/her discretion.
  5. A daily fee will be charged as decided by the committee.
  6. The committee reserves the right to refuse use of a banda to persons who have previously used and left it/them in disarray.
  7. The committee reserves the right to refuse use to non-members who have insufficient and verifiable links to the Club or any of its members.
  8. The use of the bandas in conjunction with any commercial activities is not permitted.