Entebbe Sailing Club


Shortly before Uganda’s independence, a group of like-minded people with a common interest in sail and/or power boating, came together and informally formed the nucleus of what was to become the Entebbe Sailing Club(ESC). In 1964 following their first committee election, obtained a small plot of land on the Entebbe foreshore. With a shipping container as the first clubhouse, boats were kept on the beach. Members came mostly from Kampala each weekend and in time resulted in families and friends camping on the lake shore, spending their weekends enjoying one another’s company and sharing adventures with their assorted mix of boats.

In time a second plot of land was obtained - being the former Hindu crematorium site, now occupied by the club boatsheds and storage areas. Membership increased steadily over the years and yet another plot of land was added at the top of the rise where the current clubhouse now stands. During the Idi Amin years the military tried to take over some of the land, but with the intervention by the then Egyptian Ambassador, the club retained its titles.

During the late 1980s the current clubhouse was constructed, largely with volunteer labour and materials supplied by the members and club membership continued to grow. Incorporated as a private members’ sporting and recreational club, ESC is a civil society of members in which people with a common interest in water sports could come together and pool their activities. As such it has in-house rules and regulations, aimed largely at preserving the integrity and values of the club, whilst ensuring that any water-based activities that take place are done so in a safe and responsible manner.

The management committee is elected each year and is responsible for the enforcement of the rules, the running of the club and ensuring its continued development. Committee positions are entirely voluntary and without tangible reward. During the early years membership was primarily of expatriates with recreational boating activities and water sports being relatively unknown in Uganda. However, with growing affluence and an increasing interest in such leisure activities or in the use of boats for other than fishing, there has been a steady increase in local membership.

The club has fostered the use of sail boats and has trained many to handle these safely and competently. Competitions with other clubs blossomed during the 1990s with visitors from Naivasha, Kisumu, Kaazi and Jinja sailing clubs participating in regular competitors in Entebbe. Some of these clubs being no longer active. Without doubt the ESC has the best conditions for water sport in the whole of Uganda. Blessed with one of the few real sandy beaches and fair water quality, you immediately feel as if on a holiday trip. 


WATER SPORTS The club has sheds for private boat storage as well as its own boats (Optimists, Lasers, Hobie Cats and an Albacore Dinghy). Members with sailing experience can rent these on a daily basis and enjoy them at their leisure with family and friends. Sailing is a fun, safe, accessible and easy to learn sport that welcomes the participation of all, regardless of background, age, and physical abilities.

Throughout the year the club holds various group training courses which are usually held over two weekends with more demanding one on one private lessons available with Torsten our sailing instructor. In addition to sailing the venue is also the ideal launch pad for those with the right equipment such as kayaking, windsurfing, stand up paddling (SUP) and kite surfing.

Many club members have their own power boats permanently based at the club premises and are regularly seen heading out into the lake, either for weekend fishing trips, visiting the islands, or water-skiing, knee-boarding or doughnut-towing around the bay. The club also has a qualified lifeguard and swimming instructor on its staff.


Most days the prevailing onshore wind picks up around 11h00 and reaches its highest strength at 15h00, allowing sailors to safely explore the lake and sail past points of interest such as the Botanical Garden, Gorettis Beach and various small islands, all within sight of the club and in reach of our  Safety boat (just in case), or for the more advanced sail over the Equator and past the Entebbe Wildlife Education Centre. 

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 Whilst the pure sailing experience is the principal attraction for some of our members, mastering the sailboat under the given conditions, moving silently through nature powered by the “Breath of God”, getting away from the crowds and daily troubles … sun, wind, motion, scenery and getting in touch with how our ancestors travelled – can be a thrill ! Nevertheless the club does host sailing regattas, the biggest being held in May with arch rivals Victoria Nyanza Sailing Club from Kaazi (Kampala) and Club events throughout the year.

Another aspect of the sport includes long distance weekend events to destinations such as Ssese and Bulago Islands or Jinja. The planning and preparations for the trip, the crewing as well as coping with the weather challenges can be a highly rewarding and so fulfilling accomplishment … to this members are welcome to step on board with experienced skippers on one of their adventures


Bandas: Two comfortable self-catering units are available for member use. Each unit has beautiful views of Lake Victoria.
Camping: Members are freely allowed to camp on designated areas (not around or near the swimming pool).



Club members regularly enjoy the social activities at the club, including use of the bar and barbecue facilities, swimming pool, yoga classes and various other functions such as Full Moon parties. Annual events include Family BBQ evenings, Fishing Competitions, Halloween/Guy Fawkes night for the children in November, Children’s Christmas party in December and Pub / Quiz nights.


As a recreational club, the Entebbe Sailing Club does not seek publicity nor draw attention to itself - and indeed to do so would be considered poor taste. However, it is necessary to mention that the club and its individual members have always been involved with various local community activities. We do have a number of members whose lives are devoted either wholly or in part to charitable works as missionaries, health workers, or various other forms of social benefactors, and in a number of cases their activities includes the club within their activities.

In several cases over the years boats from the club have been involved in search and rescue operations, assisting others in difficulties on the lake. The club has never sought recognition for any of its quiet contributions to the lake society.

During the mid-1990s the ESC initiated the Royal Ascot Goat Races. Proceeds destined for charities, and over the years several hundred million shillings were quietly distributed to worthy organisations within Entebbe and the surrounding district. The Goat Races eventually became too large an event to be run on a purely voluntary basis and it was transferred to a commercial management.

The club and its members have for years been active supporters of worthy child-oriented organisations within Entebbe, and amongst other activities we have made contributions of books and study materials to local schools and orphanages. Typically, several times a year one of our members provides the vehicles and collects children from an orphanage and takes them on outings, either to the Wildlife Education Centre or to the Club beach.

A number of club members accompany them on these outings to entertain them and at the beach to introduce them to the pleasures of safely playing in the water. The enjoyment the children get from these outings is very rewarding.



Our membership is in steady growth now and as the budget allows our premises are being progressively renovated.

Anyone interested in joining the club is welcome to come and visit and be shown around the facilities by one of the staff or members. The joining process is quite typical of a sports club, which involves meeting other members, “buying them a drink” and completing an application form which is subsequently reviewed by the committee.

There are various levels of membership including Single, Family, Up-country (if residing more than 50 km from Entebbe) and Temporary (3 months) Members may bring visitors to the club for a limited number of visits per year with full access to all facilities. To see membership conditions and fees click here

Tel : 0772 425 783